For clients who are looking to have the consistency of the same maid cleaning their home each time, we recommend using a regular weekly housekeeper.

By having the same housekeeper visit your home each time, you can feel assured that attention to your personal needs will be met, while maintaining the condition of your home at a comfortable level. Your Regular Housekeeper will also be on hand to take care of other ad-hoc errands or special requests you may have from time to time.

Our this service is great for…

 Single professionals and working couples who are too busy at work to manage their own housekeeping.

 Families where moms/dads are busy with the kids and need extra help with the cleaning.

 Expecting mothers/new moms who need an extra pair of hands to help out.

 All people who care to have the reassurance of using a professional service.


The number of service hours required depends on the size and condition of your home, the housekeeping duties you would like completed, and the desired level of cleaning. As this is the need of every individual these days, so its becoming a trend to have a housekeeper at our home. agencies which are providing these services are taking this need of our as granted and taking too much price for every service they provide.

But we at Kamwali Girls understand the condition and situation of all, and offering all our services in affordable and best price in the market that is convenient to all.

16000 & ABOVE.
Holidays2 holidays per month mandatory.2 holidays per month mandatory.2 holidays per month mandatory.

 Prices are charged based on 30-minute increments.

 Housekeeping materials are to be provided by the client.

 After hours surcharge applies on services before 9am and after 6pm.

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